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Bring your topics to life

You want to present products, services or complex issues in a clear way?

Infographics give you the opportunity to clearly present products, services and areas of activity. Especially in the B2B sector, topics that require explanation are the order of the day. Presenting these as graphics is almost obvious. For example, complex technical drawings can be illustrated by animated infographics, or service portfolios can be brought to life in corporate design.




A case says more than 1,000 words

From automation technology to chemical plants or particle analysis to the IT lifecycle - let our references from various areas of industry, automotive and IT convince you.

Infographic Information Technology

How Dell uses an infographic to showcase digital products and services 

In which areas is my company active, which products and services do I offer and how can I transport this vividly to my target groups? The solution: an animated and interactive infographic

Infographic Information Technology

Positioning with infographics for medium-sized companies

Presenting the products and services offered to medium-sized businesses in a different way - that was Dell Technologies' goal. Through an interactive infographic, in which files, images and videos were integrated, Dell Technologies positioned itself.

Infographic Industry 4.0

How services come to life in an infographic

Digital services in the industrial sector often require explanation. In order to make the offer around AERprogress tangible, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik has decided on an interactive infographic.


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