Put your knowledge in the spotlight

You want to showcase your expertise and reach your target group emotionally at the same time?

From Video lecturesn and tutorials to classic interviews to storytelling or image videos - There are virtually no limits to video formats. The video format offers many opportunities to present visual content in a targeted manner and thus generate attention. They can also present complex issues and products in a targeted way and convince the target group on an emotional level.They can also convince the target group on an emotional level. Especially on the B2B level webinars are a good option for demonstrating expertise and generating leads.


A case says more than 1,000 words

From automation technology to chemical plants or particle analysis to the IT lifecycle - let our references from various areas of industry, automotive and IT convince you.

Video Pharmaceutical industry

More awareness through e-learning

To position themselves as a new player on the market with relevant practical knowledge was the goal of our customer, for whom we designed a complete training series as e-learning.

Video Mechanical Engineering

The history of the linear actuator set in scene

Presenting linear drives in an exciting and attention-grabbing way can become a challenge. DMG Mori has used the video format for this and staged its solutions as a milestone in the industry.


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