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In order to position yourself as an Expert:in on the marketthe professional article is exactly the right format. A good technical article conveys the competence of author and company to partners, customers and the entire industry.nche. The focus of a technical article is to present technical correlations and arguments in written form. Technical articles require in-depth know-how and should therefore be formulated by real industry experts. With you as author an expert article becomes a real "expert booster" for you and creates and creates relevant visibility in your industry.




A case says more than 1,000 words

From automation technology to chemical plants or particle analysis to the IT lifecycle - let our references from various areas of industry, automotive and IT convince you.

Professional article Pharmaceutical industry

From print to online magazine without losing readers!

How do I achieve a digital transformation from a print magazine that has been established for many years to an online magazine without losing readers? With content marketing to success!

Professional article Automation

Scoring with successful projects - safety concept for rail traffic

Three companies, one goal: to test the Bombardier Group's trains with comprehensive safety tests. The benefits of this collaboration and the products used were recorded in a technical article.

Professional article Laboratory & Analytics

6 Errors in Particle Analysis - Technical Article for Microtrac

With the company's own expertise and the journalistic competence of LABORPRAXIS to the English-language technical article for the laboratory target group: Microtrac MRB reveals 6 errors in particle analysis.


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