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Podcasts are increasingly becoming a powerful tool in content marketing. As professionalization and monetization progress, more and more companies are discovering thepotential ofaudiocontent - and the number of listeners in the B2B sector is also growing rapidly .When are podcast recordings the right format? Whenever your target audience is onthe road a lot, doesn't have a fixed office workspace, or you want to produce and publish relevant content in a short time.Whether it's aninterview, roundtable discussion or knowledge transfer:Within a podcast episode, the possibilities are endless.


A case says more than 1,000 words

From automation technology to chemical plants or particle analysis to the IT lifecycle - let our references from various areas of industry, automotive and IT convince you.

Podcast Mechanical Engineering

With a podcast episode directly into the ear of the target group

A podcast also reaches target groups who are often on the road or do not have a fixed office workplace. HiQ Text GmbH has taken advantage of this with a podcast episode on the topic of machine safety.


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